IQ Fitness Solutions Thursday 13 Jan 2011

The smooth, unobtrusive integration in any living or working space, the perfect symbiosis of design and functionality open up an unrestricted area of application for IQflow. It dissolves the separation between living and fitness spaces. IQflow offers a completely new form of working out. The user becomes an artist who shapes a work of art with his / her own body. The basic of this new luxury furniture is a specially developed fitness concept based on functional kinetics. It is enabled by an innovative resistance technology (patents pending). IQflow convinces the user by the possibility of aesthetically executing three-dimensional movements in combination with individually tailored fitness programs. It thus unites a new form of development of free movements, serves weight reduction, enhances posture and strengthens the muscles. The integrated electronic personal trainer serves as virtual coach and shows how easily you can reach a better body feeling and mental balance.

Inspired by the tree - symbol of life ever since - the elegant design fits into any sophisticated interior. The elaborated quality of this handmade high-class product is stressed by the use of prime materials like precious woods. The exclusive object is being manufactured according to the customer's personal likings. You can chose among a wall mounted model, a free standing model or a rotatable room divider, to individually fit IQflow in any space. Inside the device titanium, carbon, high-grade steel and aluminum ensure a wear free and noiseless application which allows for integration of this designer furniture in the living area. Only 2 sqm of space (device measures: H190/W32/D29 cm) is needed to specifically work out the whole human musculoskeletal system.