Constellation Light
Wambamboo by Kent Gration Tuesday 11 Jan 2011

Constellation Light

Designed by Kent Gration of Intergration Studio in Queenstown Australia, the Constellation Light explores the celestial connection between people in different places at different times and of varying cultural backgrounds, and how we are all connected and guided by the same points of reference - the stars, sun and moon.

When viewed from different angles the pendant light projects a vast array of vector formations, reflective of celestial bodies seen in the night sky, with sunlight source at the centre of the system.

The constellation light is designed using straight components to form complex geometric patterns. This gives the illusion of a curved form derived from a continuous band that envelopes the light source.

The Constellation Pendant Light is part of a permanent collection of the Sydney Powerhouse Museum.

Dimensions: 47cm (h) x 47cm (w) x 42cm (h) 1 kg
Materials: Carbonised bamboo