Thomas Stanley Thursday 30 Sep 2010

Bird tables are commonly timber objects that are undesirable and prone to decay, so as a result are usually discarded. Bird baths on the other hand are generally beautifully crafted objects or sculptures which become focal points in their surroundings. Thee Apple aims to become both functional and desirable.

Thomas Stanley is the designer behind ‘Thee Apple' a unique product with innovation at its core, its overall form inspired by apples and the insects which feast on and within them.

Diameter 255mm

designer biog

Thomas Stanley

<p>Thomas Stanley, a self confessed perfectionist graduated with a degree in BA (Hon's) Three Dimensional Design Furniture and Product from the University of Northumbria in 2008.</p> <p><br />Thomas is committed to sourcing his manufactures from the UK to support fading skilled industries and is currently based in York in a shared studio with fellow designer John Green and is part of the DesignWorks programme.</p> <p>Thomas has recently exhibited in the Futures section at 100% Design for the first time.</p>