Sea Defence Range
Andy Murray Thursday 23 Sep 2010

Sea Defence is a beautiful and functional collection of furniture bringing together the sculptural, strong and iconic nature of sea defences, creating elegant, usable functional pieces of furniture in a collection of coffee tables, wall mounted shelves and lights. The collection is made up from the simple shape inspired by Sea Defences, that line the coasts of Britain.

The 4 stack is hand crafted in Scotland from carefully selected materials. Layerd birch ply with a hand polished finish and your choice real wood veneer (aditional cost will be required depending on veneer).
The shelves are easily wall mounted with custom made brackets supplied.
The shelves are made up of 4 "rings" each priced £450. Additional rings may be purchased. You may also want to add a mid shelf to split one of the rings for smaller items.
Shelf depth 30cm each ring height is 45cm

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Andy Murray

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