DUB stairs
Reinier de Jong Monday 20 Sep 2010

It is obvious at first sight: DUB is a staircase. Upon closer look you discover something else. These steps seem really high but actually consists of two steps in one. Eight white blocks, sixteen grey steps. It makes DUB
both a staircase and an abstract sculpture, expressive in shape and modest in colour. It leads up to a roof terrace of a spacious apartment in The Hague and plays with the light from above making it look both solid and airy at the same time.

The balustrade adds quality to the staircase with its refined material expression and detailing. It is made of aluminium strips and glass panels.

The aluminium strips are structural intermediates between the glass and the steps yet have their own graphic quality within the composition. The steps are finished with a special coating to prevent it from getting slippery and dirty.