Urban Product Friday 17 Sep 2010

Toronto-based Urbanproduct is currently working with local manufacturers in developing the tile in a number of materials. Wooden and ceramic production batches are expected this year, whilst concrete tiles are currently available. Natural pigments and soya based finish compliment cutting edge technology and create a unique and affordable wall treatment for any space, indoors and out.

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Urban Product

A multi-discipline studio, whose main focus is Product and Industrial Design, UP continues to grow - 2008 saw a move toward larger scale projects and interiors beginning with the launch of ‘Dune' wall treatment at IDS, early in 2009. Functionality, affordability and an ecological awareness lead designs from initial concept toward a high quality, unique and striking outcome. UP offers a new and elegant visual dialogue in response to the urban environment and the spaces we navigate daily. Sleek lines show an understanding of form and an innovative use of materials offer a tactile experience. Sensuous and delicate shapes take form in a variety of natural elements such as bamboo, local domestic hardwoods and precious metals, showing an understanding of manufacturing process and finishing. [Re]cycled, [re]claimed and [re]purposed materials and objects maintain charm, beauty and integrity of past designs, but hold a new purpose for modern spaces.