Studio & Partners Tuesday 14 Sep 2010

Studio & Partner's Blacklight is characterised by a fluid and clear-cut design. It is an internal suspended system for direct and indirect light that was developed to furnish offices and modern workplaces.

The single-piece no-joint aluminium body was reduced so that the thickness measures just 50mm. The black and white colours define it and enhance its refined lines.

Blacklight is extremely flexible and it stands out from a technical point of view for its remarkable luminance control, visual comfort and very high output. The innovative optical assembly includes the light source which produces no glare, making it suitable for illuminating spaces where visual performance plays a fundamental role and VDTs may be used.

The DALI dimmable versions make it possible to adjust and select the best illuminance levels and light distributions according to the requirements of the space it will be used in.

Installation and maintenance work is remarkably easy. The luminaire comes complete with bases, transparent power-supply cable and steel suspension cables with millimetric adjustment system.


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