Philippe Nigro Wednesday 01 Sep 2010

Saturnia basins and benches designed by Philippe Nigro in 2009 feature stone worked so as to create basins of simple rectangular shapes. This milling technique allows Nigro to produce shapes that are not necessarily symmetrical. The bowls are carved out of the block of stone, sometimes they are slightly skewed and they merge with each other. Their irregular arrangement mimics the erosion of time and water;” I think it’s important to combine different shapes and materials” says Nigro. The Saturnia line consists of a series of free-standing or wall basins, single or double, bathtubs and shower trays. The techniques used on all the different types of minerals have given birth to small suspended gardens. Benches are carved into the block so that the central basin can accommodate plants, grass or water. Gravitating so seemingly randomly in this "heart" of green, is a single or double seat that offers the opportunity to rest in a little garden. The technology enables the extent of variation on this system both in size and shape. It is therefore possible to have very long or very small seat dimensions for an interior.

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Philippe Nigro

Born in Nice, France in 1975, Philippe Nigro studied Decorative Arts ( Bac F12, Industrial design BTS at La Martiniere in Lyon, DSAA Product & Furniture Design at Ecole Boulle in Paris), during which time he collaborated with C. Gardet and conceived the experimental garden 'Ailleurs' at Chaumont Sur Loire and the lamp 'Flac' for a Habitat competition<br /><br />