An furniture
KAM KAM Tuesday 09 Nov 2010

An Furniture

Ax sheets (A3, A4, A5, etc) have "Silver Ratio" that promotes productivity by keeping the dimensions always (approximately) in the same ratio of width:length when they are folded in half. Inspired by these Ax sheets, Studio KAMKAM assigned fresh sculpture of distinctive ratio to furniture, which makes the furniture economical by saving raw materials. An Furniture can also be rearranged and relocated to a closet, a bookshelf, a storage cabinet and a drawer by a straightforward process, ideal for single-person households.

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KAMKAM is a design group located in Seoul, Korea. Included three members, Hyunjin Seo, Jaekyoung Kim, Jaehoon Jung. Our dream is to have the time and space to conceptualize, construct and share whatever comes to our minds. We want to transform all this darkness to show every single one of its colors.