Seaside Hydrospa
Teuco . Tuesday 12 Oct 2010

‘Seaside' Hydrospa by Teuco

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, the ‘Seaside' Hydrospa (258x225cm) represents a totally new era in hot-tub design and technology. Complete with super-silent jet system and an integral lounging area, it creates a multi-sensorial ‘oasis' that is perfectly in harmony with elegant and stylish settings.

Selected Features of the spa:

- A clean, uncluttered look, promoting a sense of serenity
- Teuco's patented Hydrosilence® super-silent whirlpool.
- An integrated Oyster® Acoustics surround-sound system (i-pod compatible)
- A refrigeration compartment
- Non-obtrusive touch-screen operation plus remote control