James Lucas Tuesday 12 Oct 2010

Chool is a product which interacts with its users. As the user sits and places weight on the bench a back support erects behind in a fluid motion, offering added comfort and support.

With the introduction of Chool comes an innovation in the world of seating. Chool combines the qualities of both a chair and a stool and introduces a new concept in seating which seamlessly adapts its form according to how it is being used.

We all know very well what is required of a chair when someone is sitting on it. Perfect ergonomics, a comfortable seat and a supportive backrest. However, when not in use, the backrest is redundant and therefore takes up unnecessary space. This idea led designer, James Lucas, to explore what can be done with the form of the chair when not in use.

Chool is a new standard in seating design. It offers the ability to drastically alter the look of any environment that requires chairs, whilst also offering the excitement of fluid, dynamic movement.

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James Lucas

James has always had a passion for innovation and looking at how everyday objects can be improved to make our experience of them more rewarding. <p>James loves modular designs which make it easy to alter the different areas. This allows designers and individuals to fashion them in their own style and make them their own.</p> <p>He's a firm believer that as times change, so do requirements and that it's important to keep fresh perspectives on how products are designed to allow products to be updated in accordance with the changing world around us.</p>