Book Posters
Spineless Classics Friday 08 Oct 2010

Anyone who enjoys reading will have a favourite book and Spineless Classics are a unique way to enjoy literature in a new way - as wall hanging art. Incredibly, the entire text of classic novels is fitted onto a single poster and then laid out in shapes that evoke themes from the plot. Inspiring and unique, a Spineless Classic is the talking point of any room and a gift to treasure.

After seeing a fine detailed architectural drawing being printed at his friend's studio, Spineless Classics founder Carl Pappenheim wondered if he could fit an entire novel, printed small enough on a large enough sheet, onto a single page. The result was the first ever poster - Jane Austen's "Persuasion", a Christmas gift for his mother. Family, friends and visitors to the house raved about it and so, in 2007, he tentatively launched a website with a small range of designs.

Despite it being only a hobby and with no advertising budget, word spread online and by the early stages of this year the site was paying well enough for Pappenheim, 30, to book a stand at 100% Design. Customer response has been amazing and with several major retailers now interested it looks like a big future lies in store for a very "novel" product.

Carl Pappenheim said, "this product is unique, fresh and distinctive. It shows that enjoying a great book need not end when you turn the final page. My dream is to get people invigorated by the idea of books as great works of art and to get those who might not otherwise be exposed to them, excited anew about classic stories. To that end, I'm very keen to offer big discounts for any poster that is purchased for an educational establishment where children and young adults will see them."