Sang Hoon Kim Thursday 07 Oct 2010

'Phenomena' is the first in a series of products in which architectural attitude and the phenomenon of nature are expressed in the form of furniture.

Characterised by its organic appearance, this room divider is based on the concept of light as an interactive experience. The kinetic force of light presents unique illusions through reflection, refraction and shadow, captured by the curved sides and multiple layers of the ‘Phenomena' room divider. Each piece is divided into sections so that light may be caught and reflected at a multitude of angles. This variety of angles and form gives the illusion that the shape of the divider is moving of its own accord, depending on the perspective from which the piece is viewed.

In this work, Sang Hoon Kim also attempts to address concepts such as open and closed; divide and combine; stable and unstable; regular and irregular; and bright and dark. By accommodating these different characteristics into his pieces, the designer aims to express his perception of the movement of light.

Size L H 173cm W 365cm L 71cm
For large spaces ex) hotel lobby, lounge, restaurant, gallery

Size M
For offices, living room

Size S
For small spaces and personal use

designer biog

Sang Hoon Kim

As a furniture designer, Sang Hoon Kim's interest in architecture has allowed him to apply the methods and elements used in architectural ideas. In his perspective, furniture should be regarded as another dimension of architecture. In addition, his artistic vision includes creating designs that would inspire further artistic visions and potentially transpire other designs.