TENSHI 7 Tuesday 05 Oct 2010

TIME SQUARE ‘TS' is a wall sculpture, a lighting apparatus and a timepiece, aiming to mirror the aesthetic, artistic and rational needs of its owner. Coming in a limited edition of 365 pieces all with a serial number, it is destined for both private and public spaces.Time Square consists of 12 cylindrical aluminum lighting components; 4 placed in the middle forming a cross, and 8 attached together with metal joints forming a square frame, approximately 1,40m x 1,40m. LED lighting (12W) is integrated in each cylinder

The illuminated cylinders display "digitally" the 12 hours twice per day while the lower left horizontal cylinder displays the minutes; 12 circular LED spots light-up based upon a 5-minute frequency and fade-away progressively.

The ‘TS' is mastered to perform via a remote control device:

‘OFF mode': having an austere, refined industrial looks, with 12 semi-hand crafted aluminium -laser cut on all sides- joints, holding together 12 LED light tubes, ‘TS' forms a modern wall sculpture: a cross-sealed rectangle, hiding light and time (1,40m x 1,40m).

‘ON mode' : the ‘TS' releases three parallel vertical LED light blades, each one 1,40 m long. Performing as a modern wall light, ‘TS's remote controlled dimmer, allows for a smooth and relaxing release of light according to any specific desire. Adjustable at anytime, it can blast enough lighting power to illuminate spaces up to 150 sq m.

'TIME mode' : the ‘TS' performs as a unique Timepiece; Time is measured by Light and Light conveys Time simultaneously. ‘TS' transforms into a time-light source where light and time competes vigorously: the LED tubes cooperate, to 'light' the time digitally, hour by hour: from 1 o'clock to 12 o'clock, two times per day. Moreover, the down left horizontal LED tube incorporates 12 circular separate LED spots, which light up gradually from left to right, to show the passing of time, in 'five minute' intervals. Light can be adjusted, while time and minutes can also be set precisely.

‘TS', uses high end, eco-friendly LED technology with low energy consumption (70W), and 90% recyclable material (aluminium, plexiglass, PMMA & LED bars).


designer biog