Nada Debs Monday 04 Oct 2010

Mimicking the shape of a Coffee Bean. This elliptical low table has a hole in it- with smaller coffee beans set aside. The table comes in Red lacquered wood, white lacquered wood and Macassar Ebony wood.

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Nada Debs

Nada Debs, of Lebanese origin, was brought up in Japan. She studied Interior Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States and started her own design company in the UK designing and producing custom furniture. <p>Returning to her roots in Lebanon after an absence of 40 years, Nada Debs found designs for modern Middle Eastern furniture almost non-existent. This made her determined to use her multi-cultural background to create furniture which would appeal to a global market. Nada created her company "East and East sarl" in the year 2000, which concentrates on designing, manufacturing and selling her own furniture line.</p> <p>The company now has two retail outlets based in Beirut-the Nada Debs ‘Gallery', which displays the ‘East & East' Collection and the ‘East & West' Collection and the Nada Debs ‘Boutique', which carries her collection of home accessories. Her products are represented in New York, Rome and Dubai. She is presently working on several interior design projects throughout the Middle East and the USA.</p>