Science Café Library

Anna Wigandt

19 Aug 2014

The café of a science and engineering museum has been designed by Anna Wigandt, based in her hometown Chisinau, capital city of Moldova. The space is multifunctional; at once a self-serve canteen, library and lecture hall, aimed to combine study with comfort and to stimulate an interest in science for those visiting. Fundamental in allowing the space to operate effectively is a modular

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Henry W Bloch Executive Hall at University of Missouri

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

31 Mar 2014

A co-founder of H&R Block and long-time benefactor to his city, Henry W. Bloch recently presented a generous gift to the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Bloch School of Management for the creation of the next generation of business school facilities-the new Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. For the new facility, BNIM and Moore Ruble Yudell

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Kita Hisa


10 Mar 2014

Kita Hisa, formerly a retail store, was rebuilt to create a pleasant, safe and stimulating kindergarten with enough space for 70 children. Baukind´s lovingly and carefully thought-out philosophy focuses on intelligent design that inspires children to grow and develop. The furniture in the Kita is arranged and designed in a way that it creates different zones without using actual dividers

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Centennial Chromagraph

Variable Projects

21 Nov 2013

Centennial Chromagraph is a life-size representation of the history of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. The project is an exercise in data spatialisation: using computational design tools to generate formal and spatial constructions with large quantities of data - in this case, information sampled from the school's 100-year history. The project is both a

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Kindergarten Loftschloss


17 Sep 2013

Baukind have designed The Kindergarten Loftschloss - the first kindergarten in Berlin that is located in a shopping mall - which is part of the historically landmarked Telefunken complex built in 1903. The 250 sq m large commercial unit on the second floor was previously used as a beverage shop and has been transformed into a colourful and interactive space for children. The space is appropriate

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