Arts and Leisure

The Chapel

a21 Studio

10 Jul 2014

Designed by Vietnamese firm a21 Studio, The Chapel is a community space in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh City which evolved as a solution to the lack of community centres in the area. It was intended as a space in which people, especially youth, could congregate for events such as weddings, conferences, exhibitions or social occasions. The project, located on a 10 x 20 m rented plot of land, The

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BIG Maze

Bjarke Ingels Group

10 Jul 2014

Drawing inspiration from gardens, hedge mazes and ancient labyrinths of 17th - 18th century Europe, as well as aspects of modern American corn mazes, Bjarke Ingels Group have created the BIG Maze, located in the Great Hall at Washington's National Building Museum. In a space of such impressive grandeur, the BIG Maze provides a contrasting contemporary aesthetic. Externally, the maze is hidden

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We Are Flowers


07 Jul 2014

In We Are Flowers, New York City based design studio SOFTlab combined exploration of technology and craft with the delicate nature of the We Are Flowers collection by the client, Melissa. Drawing inspiration from nature, as they are known to do, SOFTlab focused on the elements of beauty that flowers can bring to a design, turning them into building materials. Over 20,000 translucent

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House for Installation


24 Jun 2014

House for Installation is a renovated house in Osaka, transformed into a minimalist atelier and residence for artists. Simplicity, flexibility and elegant use of light define the living and working spaces; an abstract setting for calmness, meditation and creativity. A creation from architect Jun Murata / JAM, the house sits on the corner of a back alley. Renovated from a 1976 wooden house, the

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'Vim' Health & Sport Centre

Nir Portal Architects

20 Jun 2014

‘Vim' Health & Sport Centre is a fitness lover's dream, situated on the main road to the sea in Rishon LeZion. The 4400 sq. m health and sports complex has high design in each and every corner, inspired by the rules and standards of yacht design. Nir Portal Architects treated the huge space as if it were a luxury ship, using a ‘no edge design' to achieve soft interiors. The main

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