Arts and Leisure

Conversation Pieces

HEAD – Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design

11 Apr 2014

Conversation Pieces is an apartment developed entirely by the design students of HEAD - Genève. From spaces to furniture and from video games to interactive wallpaper, the project explored various mediums of design to create interesting situations and talking pieces. The space was finalised with the three centrepieces which give the exhibition its name. The design of the space and its

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The Diamond Horseshoe

Stonehill & Taylor Architects, P.C.

19 Mar 2014

The legendary Diamond Horseshoe, located under the Paramount Hotel in New York City, was first opened by eccentric theatre impresario Billy Rose in 1938. The supper club was known for dinner theatres, vaudeville-style reviews, and a chorus of showgirls called ‘Billy Rose's long-stemmed beauties.' Closed abruptly in 1951, the club has lain dormant until now. Real estate mogul and

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Orchard Spa

De Matos Ryan

05 Mar 2014

Orchard Spa is a new private spa on the western edge of ‘The Lakes by Yoo', a holiday home development in 650 acres of regenerated landscape near the Cotswolds, which is being reclaimed for sustainable development, amenity and biodiversity. It is a private spa for residents of the estate and has been designed for them to use as if the facilities - including a 20m pool, children's play pool,

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St-Jude spa


17 Feb 2014

The St-Jude spa and wellness center is housed in the decommissioned structure and extension to the Dominican church and sanctuary to Our Lady of the Rosary and to Saint Jude.  The 1907 stone, brick, and steel structure occupies a busy stretch of St-Denis Street, one of Montreal’s principal commercial arteries and is situated at the heart of the Plateau, one of Montreal’s most

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Kineforum Misbar

Csutoras & Liando

17 Feb 2014

Kineforum Misbar was a temporary open-air cinema built as part of the 2013 Jakarta Biennale for Kineforum, a non-profit organization promoting art-house and independent movies. The project was driven by a social-cultural agenda. The main objectives were to promote Indonesian films and to create a venue where people of all backgrounds can watch a movie on the big screen, including those, who

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