Arts and Leisure

Her Majesty's Pleasure


11 Nov 2014

Toronto design firm +tongtong's latest project, Her Majesty's Pleasure, is equal parts café, retail boutique, beauty salon and bar, all located under one roof in downtown Toronto.  Overall, the firm kept the palette light and fresh, selecting white, light grey, charcoal, and varying shades of blue for the main colour scheme. Hits of copper, bright yellow, Douglas fir plywood and

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10 Nov 2014

The Wall Stitch Project is a new sign design proposal born out of a collaboration between YOY and K's Design Lab. The signs, printed with state of the art modelling techniques and hi-res 3D printing are meant to look like embroidery on the wall. A fantastic fusion of modern technology with an old school kitsch aesthetic. Embroidered signs always have a wonderful home-made feel to them and the

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Exhibition at The Contemporary Austin

Do Ho Suh

08 Oct 2014

Renowned Korean-born sculptor and installation artist Do Ho Suh presents his first major solo exhibition in the US for over a decade at The Contemporary Austin. An influential artist operating within a distinctly twenty-first-century global mode, Suh crafts evocative and visually stunning works that reflect ideas of home, identity and personal space. The exhibition at The Contemporary Austin

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Book City

Los Contratistas

12 Sep 2014

For the Abierto Mexicano de Diseño 2013, leading MDF company Masisa invited contemporary art studio Los Contratistas to design a pavilion for the Casa Bosques Bookstore in Mexico City. The studio, which specialises in developing fine art experiences and is led by Isauro Huizar, was asked by Masisa to create an installation that would demonstrate the qualities of the MDF materials and how

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11 Sep 2014

The University of Michigan Museum of Art presents Paramodel, an art collaborative established by contemporary Japanese artists Yasuhiko Hayashi and Yûsuke Nakano, in their latest exhibition that features an installation derived from the duo's most famous series, paramodelic-graffiti. In the installation at UMMA, bright blue lines run across the walls, ceiling and floor in all directions,

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