09 Jan 2015

Bangkok based design firm Apostrophy's have recently completed the redesign of their office space ‘Apos2' in order to increase their working space following an increase in staff. The teams' existing headquarters are located in a housing development that would not allow for any expansions to be carried out. As they did not wish to construct a new building on a larger site, they decided

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Airbnb Portland

Myriad Harbor

07 Jan 2015

Airbnb have recently opened their newest office in Portland, conceptualised, designed and implemented by their internal team, including environmental designers Aaron Taylor Harvey and Rachael Yu of Myriad Harbor, as well as 50 members of Portland's Customer Experience team. Harvey and Yu, lead designers for the project, spent about a month in research for the space. This included 1:1 field trips

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Shopify Toronto

M-S-D-S Studio

19 Dec 2014

M-S-D-S Studio recently began the design of e-commerce software brand Shopify's Toronto office. 18,000 sq. ft of the building, a 100 year old brick warehouse, has been completed, with an additional 10,000 sq. ft under development. The project was designed around the client's core values of transparency and the open exchange of information. To this end, a floor plan was designed that separates

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Astor Hellas HQ


15 Dec 2014

Astor Hellas, a leading wholesale international trading company, approached Greek design studio MALVI to create their new headquarters in Thessaloniki. They desired an office space to unite all of the brand's functions, in an open environment which would reflect both their values and their brand position. On the reception floor, office space is minimal so as to accommodate visiting partners and

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Enzo Office Gallery

Ogawa Sekkei

12 Dec 2014

Japanese architect Ogawa Sekkei has created a gallery and office/living space, renovating a rental property located near to the central area of Gifu city by Nagara River. As the property is rented, the renovation had to focus on wall, floor and ceiling finishes as opposed to changing section plans to create new spaces. It was decided that the first floor would act as the gallery, for the

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