Heineken Pop-up store


29 Oct 2014

Heineken, as part of their ‘Open your City' campaign, wanted to create a pop-up store for the contestants of the Central European Fashion Days: a space for Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian designers and their fashion items and accessories. The campaign's aim is to help people discover new or less frequented places in their home cities, or in places they may visit. The 38 sq.

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Livraria Cultura

Studio MK27

27 Oct 2014

‘A bookstore with a meeting place'. This was the main premise of studio mk27's latest architectural project, Livraria Cultura at Iguatemi, Brazil. More than just somewhere to shop, the store needed to be inviting and a place where people would want to stay and hang out. So, the designers created a space where visitors could find the book they were looking for and then remain there to begin

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22 Oct 2014

Japanese design office id have recently completed their latest project, Sumiyoshido, a Kampo Lounge and Clinic based in Aichi. Kampo is a traditional Japanese medicine with unique theories and therapeutic methods originally based on traditional Chinese medicine. The Lounge is separate to the clinic; here acupuncture and moxibustion, a traditional Chinese medicine technique, are practiced.  

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15 Oct 2014

In the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District, architecture office XML has designed a store saturated in white light. The store, named ‘HIC', sells bottled water and ‘Reset', a specially developed drink that mitigates the negative effects of too much alcohol consumption, such as a hangover. The Red Light District in Amsterdam is currently transforming from an area dominated by the

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Issey Miyake London Flagship Store

Tokujin Yoshioka

14 Oct 2014

The Issey Miyake London flagship store, located at 10 Brook Street, has recently been crafted by Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka. Yoshioka is no stranger to the brand's expression, having collaborated with Miyake for over 20 years on multiple store interiors as well as watch designs and installations. The store takes design cues from Miyake's Reality Lab, combining technology and hand

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