Science Café Library

Anna Wigandt

19 Aug 2014

The café of a science and engineering museum has been designed by Anna Wigandt, based in her hometown Chisinau, capital city of Moldova. The space is multifunctional; at once a self-serve canteen, library and lecture hall, aimed to combine study with comfort and to stimulate an interest in science for those visiting. Fundamental in allowing the space to operate effectively is a modular

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18 Aug 2014

Designed by PB/Studio and Filip Kozarski, Kropka is a micro-sized lunch spot serving traditional Polish ‘zapiekanki' (toasted baguettes) as well as other pastries and snacks.   Based in Gdynia, Poland, the designers were challenged with the prospect of making a fully functional eatery with just 11.5 sq. m of space. In addition to this, Kropka needed a strong and recognisable concept

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14 Aug 2014

Internationally acclaimed design studio Autoban has just completed Nopa, a 220 sq. m upscale restaurant and bar in the heart of Istanbul's stylish Nisantasi district. The restaurant is housed on the ground floor of an apartment building recently built by Autoban. The striking geometric composition of the building's front façade inspired the designers, who extended the linear motifs to the

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Arkham Project

12 Aug 2014

Arkham have recovered rooms in the ground floor and back courtyard of the Como Social Theatre and designed the new restaurant ‘18.13', in connection with the theatre's main foyer. All elements refer to the world of the theatre, particularly the internal surface panelling with its deep red colour that reminds of velvet stage curtains. In contrast with the stark white surfaces of the walls

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Farmshop Marin


08 Aug 2014

Farmshop strives to honour the farmers and artisans who provide the cheese, bread, meat, fruit, vegetables and preserves that grace our tables daily. Combining restaurant with marketplace, owners Jeff Cerciello and Kira Cunningham provide their guests with ever-changing seasonal goods sourced both locally in California and beyond.   Following the success of their first restaurant based in

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