Cooper Residence, Palm Springs

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects and Planners

15 Jul 2014

When North-western natives, the Coopers, decided to move to one of Palm Springs' golf communities after retiring from Nike and teaching, modernism was far from their minds. But they became converts when they saw the low-slung, flat-roofed homes of Seven Lakes - a 1960's golf community of 350+ homes designed by Ric A. Harrison who, along with his business partner Donald Wexler, helped make Palm

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Siamoises Mentana-Boyer

Blouin Tardif Architecture Environnement

09 Jul 2014

Tucked away in the heart of Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal are the Siamese residences, occupying a plot of land formerly used for commercial purposes. The project faced the same constraints as most other buildings within the classic urban genre: the challenge of natural light, joint use and the neighbouring buildings' envelopes. The architectural scheme aimed to optimise the layout, taking

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House of Sculpture

Robert Lachance

08 Jul 2014

One of the few remaining residences so close to Dufresne Regional Park, Valbourg is a house of strong narrative, born from the imagination of self-taught artist Robert Lachance. Rich in symbolism, it is a live-in sculpture that tells a story and leads visitors around the residence through connected, detailed spaces. Defining himself as neither architect nor designer, Lachance approached this

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Refurbished Heritage Apartment

Francisco Javier Eguilux

02 Jul 2014

Located in an early 20th century listed building in Madrid's city centre, this dwelling once consisted of three living rooms interconnected by sliding doors, with windows overlooking the main street. As an existing heritage space, it featured many beautiful, if neglected, details including ceiling mouldings, original exterior woodwork and wooden flooring settled as dowels and arranged in

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Chameleon House

Petr Hajek Architects

01 Jul 2014

Located in Lipence, Czech Republic, Chameleon is a private, family house designed by Prague-based architect Petr Hajek. Occupying a site area of 1627 sq m, the house sits in the centre of a garden; a setting that plays an important role in both the architecture and the interior design. The careful positioning of the house and the deliberate angles of the rooms maximise the ample views of the

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