La Sereine


07 Aug 2014

Septembre have converted an old farmhouse in Loire, France into a tranquil summer house for a family of four. They kept as much of the old structure as possible, but adapted it to its new use with discrete interventions on internal fittings. These interventions plus the use of rugged materials with a natural appearance allowed for a gentle preservation of the original aesthetics of the

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Jerry House


07 Aug 2014

Bangkok based creative studio Onion have designed the interior of a holiday home for a married couple with four sons in Cha-Am Beach. The family wanted a space unlike their domestic home in Bangkok, steering away from minimal circulation to encourage interaction and movement, a playground to escape from typical city life. Onion's concept for the house was inspired by the cartoon series Tom and

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Sunshine Canyon Residence

THA Architects

06 Aug 2014

The owners of this new residence, a married couple, lost their previous home in a forest fire in 2011 near Boulder, Colorado. After considering their options, they decided to head back into the burn zone, purchasing a steep site located in an area burned in the same fire. At an elevation of 7500 ft, the site offers breath-taking views and is only seven miles from downtown Boulder. Designed by

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05 Aug 2014

Blink and you'll miss it: Yokaya in all of its 135 sq. m, is both a restaurant and residence located in Fukuoka, Japan. Designed by rhythmdesign, the humble white building was built in the space where a hostel, owned and managed by the client's parents once existed. The firm's client decided to demolish the old building, creating the new structure with a restaurant on the ground floor and

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Lansdowne House

Affleck Riva

22 Jul 2014

Located in Westmount, a privileged inner-city suburb of Montreal, Lansdowne Avenue is remarkable for both its heritage architecture and its particular topography.  The street negotiates a series of steep inclines and plateaus at the base of Westmount Mountain As a semi-detached house on a hill side, the project is an essay in asymmetry. Westmount's past as an Anglo-Saxon enclave within

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