Harbour Edge House

Fearon Hay Architects Ltd.

24 Sep 2014

Harbour Edge House is Auckland-based Fearon Hay Architects' latest project. The existing villa was built in 1910 and is one of Auckland's early waterfront homes sited on the inner Waitemata Harbour. The architects responded to the requirements of modern living through a rework and extension of the structure in order to create a direct connection to the park-like landholding and coastal outlook

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Reinventing Palm Beach Style

Les Ensembliers

24 Sep 2014

With its subtle play on contrasts, connections, and harmonies, the interior design of a Florida villa by Les Ensembliers reinvents Palm Beach style. "We worked closely with our client to achieve this result," explains Richard Ouellette, designer and founding partner of Les Ensembliers. "She has developed a sharp eye for updating classic designs and turning yesterday's elegance into a

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Interior for Students


23 Sep 2014

This project was undertaken for the NTV Broadcasting Company ‘COTTAGE SOLUTION'. The clients asked Russian architects Ruetemple to design a room for two students, brother and sister, plus provide an area for work and also one for recreation.   Ruetemple's concept was simple: keep the work area fixed but make the recreation area dynamic and flexible. This was achieved with a cube

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Gabriel Apartment


16 Sep 2014

The Gabriel Apartment was recently renovated by Atelye70, who wished to respect the unique history of the building, one that connects Italy, to Turkey, to Istanbul.   The building is located on Pera's hill, near to the famed Galata district (The Genoese enclave). From the second half of the 19th century the area was overwhelmed by Italian architects, artists and decorators, later kas the

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Tsai Residence

Tai & Architectural Design

15 Sep 2014

Taiwanese studio Tai & Architectural Design have kept their latest project, an apartment in Taipei, ‘as minimal as possible' in order for it to be easily reverted to its original condition. The couple who live in the space are renting it from the government under the guideline that it can only be rented for five years, after which it must be returned in the same state as when they first

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