DM House

Studio Guilherme Torres

02 Sep 2014

It took six months for the architect, Guilherme Torres, to get to know the London based couple who'd contracted him in São Paulo regarding this project. He comments: "All our meetings were via Skype, but their camera was never working, so I barely saw them throughout the whole process." DM House initially began as an interior design job but grew to encompass architectural foundations

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Rue Benjamin Franklin

Rabih Hage

01 Sep 2014

Rabih Hage was asked to redesign a 19th century apartment in a bourgeois area in Paris.  The renowned architect and designer redistributed the functionality of the rooms in the apartment in order to transform the Haussmannian layout, providing contemporary living spaces without wiping out the history of the apartment and the building.  Hage restored and preserved the existing moulding

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The Urban Oasis

Lynch + Comisso Architects

27 Aug 2014

Meeting the design requirements of a discerning chef's home kitchen requires meticulous planning. The client of this project runs a successful catering business, and while this kitchen was designed for personal use, the client also does a lot of home cooking, and therefore had specific requirements for a home kitchen as well.  The client particularly requested an airy, minimal kitchen with

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Urban Lab

4M Group

21 Aug 2014

Those who appreciate the variety and the character of old industrial cities of the past, now grown into  burgeoning centres full of glossy buildings, may feel heartened to know that it is possible to find a pocket of experimentation, where the beauty of erosion is the main attraction. In this project, 4M Group opted to balance the masculinity of industrial rawness, corrosion and rough

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House Little Venice

Studio Mackereth

21 Aug 2014

"It's dramatic yet still feels like a home because it is full of personality with so many interesting features and such attention to detail. I also like the intelligent use of light. I'd like to live there myself - is it for sale?" Sir Terence Conran A discreet door in a side wall off a quiet side street provides the entrance to this intriguing house dubbed ‘The Thunderbird House' on

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