Greenfall Renovation

Vo Trong Nghia Architects

18 Aug 2014

Vietnam's fast development has led to significant urban problems; less greenery, electricity shortages and flooding. An increasing number of motorbikes means more traffic jams and serious air pollution. ‘Greenfall renovation' is a prototypical single house renovation in Hanoi, designed against this backdrop by Vo Trong Nghia Architects to return greenery to the city and encourage a

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Apartment in Amsterdam

MAMM Design

15 Aug 2014

Japanese studio MAMM Design have renovated a duplex unit in an 85 year old housing block for a family of four. On relocating to Amsterdam, MAMM's clients found that they were unaccustomed to the often overcast weather, so their main request was to have as much sunlight as possible in the house. They also wanted a space in which they could easily interact with each other. The house had a skylight

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Beam&Block House

mode:lina architekci

11 Aug 2014

Polish firm mode:lina architekci have recently transformed a 140 sq. m home for a couple and their varying needs. Beam&Block House is designed to utilise as much space as possible, with lots of storage options but ones that keep the interiors clutter free, and spaces very much open. The architects built in hidden cupboards below the stairs that open with sliding doors and feature mirrored

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Edison Residence


07 Aug 2014

A small vacant lot located in the hub of Montreal's student area was the basis of the latest design by KANVA. The site endured a fire in the early 20th century, which flattened the existing 19th century historic stone house and it is this historical context that became the primary inspiration for the urban renewal project. It encapsulates an architectural ‘parlante'; an architecture that

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La Sereine


07 Aug 2014

Septembre have converted an old farmhouse in Loire, France into a tranquil summer house for a family of four. They kept as much of the old structure as possible, but adapted it to its new use with discrete interventions on internal fittings. These interventions plus the use of rugged materials with a natural appearance allowed for a gentle preservation of the original aesthetics of the

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