Concrete Flat

Rodolphe Parente

23 Jan 2015

The Concrete Flat in Paris designed by Rodolphe Parente is tiny in size but abundant in style and unique personality, perfectly balancing the raw with the bling, the classical with the kitsch. Inspired by David Lynch's TV show Twin Peaks, the client requested ‘a home where he could feel like the dancing dwarf in his red room'. As such, the red floor in the apartment is reminiscent of

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Vipp shelter


22 Jan 2015

Danish company Vipp have expanded upon their classic accessories and recent kitchen and bathroom modules, creating the Vipp shelter: a modern escape, powerful in its simplicity yet packed with exquisitely conceived details. The starting point of the Vipp shelter is going back to basics; back to nature with basic functions defining a dense, compact space that has clear aesthetic coherence. The

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Maison De Gaspé

la SHED architecture

15 Jan 2015

The De Gaspé House project consisted of the major renovation and transformation of an existing building by Canadian studio la SHED architecture. The old duplex including a garage as well as a variety of annexes was converted into a single family home for two adults and two children. The project designers chose to create a contemporary façade that would seamlessly integrate with the

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Byoubugaura House

Takeshi Hosaka Architects

08 Jan 2015

Japanese practice Takeshi Hosaka Architects was tasked with creating a house in a residential area in Yokohama, characterised by rolling hills. The 60 sq. m site is sandwiched between existing houses to the south and the north. On the east side, it faces a 3m tall retaining wall. As such, at first it looked like the area was buried by its surroundings. In response, Takeshi Hosaka's design sought

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Paul Coudamy

08 Jan 2015

Paul Coudamy was in charge of maximising the space in 60 sq. m apartment in Paris, a pied-à-terre intended for short-term rentals for which the young French architect has designed and produced a bespoke screen and storage system. The challenge was to free up the living room and provide ample storage, while also accommodating for four people to sleep within the residence. The

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