Kemenes Volcanopark Visitor Center

Foldes Architects

13 Sep 2013

Volcano Visitor Center, designed by Foldes Architects, is located west of Budapest in Hungary. Due to the land of Hungary being volcanic over 5 million years ago, the volcanic soil is high in quality for wine production, one of Hungary’s largest export products. With this in mind, the 965 sq m Volcano Visitor Centre has been realized by Foldes Architects after a nationwide architectural

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20 Aug 2013

White Forest in Yokohama, Japan, is a new exhibition of contemporary spatial art by MoNo architectural office. The theme was to decorate the interior space of Ehrisman House – an old Western style house authorized by the city government as historical architecture – transforming the inside with a Japanese garden method of the “Harmony of Flower and Table” festival. The

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The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum

LIKE architects

01 Aug 2013

The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum was designed by LIKE Architects to host the exhibition 'Andy Warhol - Icons | Psaier Artworks and the Factory', between April and July 2013, in Colombo Shopping Mall, Lisbon, Portugal: showcasing a total of 32 original works by the legendary American artist. The space contradicts the notion of having a neutral white exhibition space, and relates the playful

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Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

30 Jul 2013

The restored and renewed Rijksmuseum, by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, opened earlier this year to boast collections of over 8,000 historical objects and art for two million anticipated visitors to the Amsterdam museum each year. The renovation, awarded to Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos in 2001, took the historic 19th century building and accentuated the interior detailing, with a modern approach to the

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Banyan Tree HuangShan Sales Gallery

HMD Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

28 Jun 2013

The internal spaces of the Gallery reflect the traditions and culture of this magnificent natural setting. A series of modestly scaled lobby and entrance spaces lead to the grand main rooms. The design of these spaces is emphasised by the elegance and restraint that is a character of the traditional Anhui architecture and the colouring and material visible in the surrounding landscape. The main

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