NOBEL arkitekter a/s

04 Apr 2012

The project consists of two bronze structures which covers the unique runic stones and secure and preserve them for the future. The runic stones mark Denmark' transition to Christianity in year 965, and the monument is also known as Denmark's "birth certificate". The monument is included on UNESCO's list of World Heritage. The project was inaugurated in December 2011 and it is based on the

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Sutton Vane Associates

29 Mar 2012

Lighting designer, curator and architect shedS new light on Celtic art and Irish heritage Early and sustained collaboration by a team including the architect, a lighting consultant, and the curator has helped create lighting for the National Museum of Ireland's refurbished Treasury Gallery that enhances its displays of priceless Celtic Christian artefacts and the building itself. The scheme by

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Bruce Munro Ltd.

15 Feb 2012

Star-Turn is a lighting project by Bruce Munro which was designed as a fund-raising installation, featuring a mechanical 'bicycle' to be turned by sponsored riders through the longest night of the year (21st December). The Wiltshire based Munro designed this piece specifically to raise funds for Help for Heroes charity on the front lawn of The Holburne Museum in Bath. Using no electricity, the

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Banozic Architecture/Scenography

31 Jan 2012

Stage Design for the 10th Anniversary Celebration The stage formed a platform to host the 10th Anniversary Celebration of the Jewish Museum Berlin. The former Flower Market Hall opposite to the museum, which will accommodate the new Academy of the Jewish Museum conceived by Daniel Libeskind, was chosen for the venue. The designers positioned the stage between the audience and the construction

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Rick Mather Architects

23 Dec 2011

Ashmolean Museum completes Phase 2  of Rick Mather Masterplan: New Galleries of Ancient Egypt and Nubia The Ashmolean Museum, established in 1683, is the oldest public museum in Britain. In 1999 Rick Mather Architects were appointed to develop a long term masterplan and expansion scheme to provide more space and 21st century facilities for its world renowned collections. Phase 1 of

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