Takahashi Hiroko Studio

Schemata Architects

04 Nov 2014

Takahashi Hiroko has chosen a new base for her creative endeavours; an old steel building, originally a factory and office, that has been transformed into the Japanese artist's latest workspace by Schemata Architects. The building, located in Tokyo's Oshiage area, was first improved by the architects with structural reinforcements to the framework and a fireproof coating adding to all the steel

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Heineken Pop-up store


29 Oct 2014

Heineken, as part of their ‘Open your City' campaign, wanted to create a pop-up store for the contestants of the Central European Fashion Days: a space for Slovakian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian designers and their fashion items and accessories. The campaign's aim is to help people discover new or less frequented places in their home cities, or in places they may visit. The 38 sq.

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28 Oct 2014

Baines&Fricker have just completed their latest project; an ethical and functional interior for Silo, the UK's first zero-waste restaurant. The eatery is based in Brighton and describes itself as a pre-industrial food system that generates zero waste. The team mill their own flour, make yoghurt, roll oats, bake bread, brew vinegar and beer, culture cream, grow mushrooms and cure meat. They

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Les Haras

Jouin Manku

28 Oct 2014

Les Haras de Strasbourg is a hotel and restaurant project unlike any other. Both four-star hotel and Michelin 3-starred chef Marc Haeberlin's first brasserie, Les Haras presents an original solution to the question many provincial cities are facing: how to redevelop and harness the potential of their architectural heritage. Managed by the Institute for Research into Cancer of the Digestive

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Movet Office Loft

Studio Alexander Fehre

27 Oct 2014

Movet is a company that literally originated in a garage. Today, the Movet brand is eponymous with outstanding competence in the field of conveyor belt technology. Because the capacity of the company's rather makeshift headquarters had finally been reached, Studio Alexander Fehre was commissioned to design a new and more representative office space with an adjoining warehouse. The solution is a

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