Public Buildings

Carlos Monsivais Personal Library

JSA Ltd.

17 Apr 2014

The architectural project has as a starting point a selection of specific characteristics of Carlos Monsivais and seeks to translate them into spatial qualities. Order within Chaos, is the first impression that inspired the architecture. The second, guiding axis is the special relationship the writer had with the city. These two identifiers are interpreted and expressed in a space that generates

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MUSE – Macquarie University Spatial Experience

Woods Bagot

08 Apr 2014

A temporary student space at Macquarie University, MUSE was created to encourage student interaction and collaborative learning. The design of the space was one of three temporarily constructed over two floors of a vacant Brutalist library building on the Sydney campus. Prior to concept, the design team conducted an extensive student consultation process, including a web-based survey, workshops

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Henry W Bloch Executive Hall at University of Missouri

Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners

31 Mar 2014

A co-founder of H&R Block and long-time benefactor to his city, Henry W. Bloch recently presented a generous gift to the University of Missouri-Kansas City's Bloch School of Management for the creation of the next generation of business school facilities-the new Henry W. Bloch Executive Hall for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. For the new facility, BNIM and Moore Ruble Yudell

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Kita Hisa


10 Mar 2014

Kita Hisa, formerly a retail store, was rebuilt to create a pleasant, safe and stimulating kindergarten with enough space for 70 children. Baukind´s lovingly and carefully thought-out philosophy focuses on intelligent design that inspires children to grow and develop. The furniture in the Kita is arranged and designed in a way that it creates different zones without using actual dividers

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Schorndorf Town Hall

Ippolito Fleitz Group - Identity Architects

12 Dec 2013

Schorndorf Town Hall, built 1726-30, is a stand-alone structure which dominates the town's market square. For the initial conversion stage the upper floors were renovated in line with energy efficiency and listed building requirements. In the second building phase came the reconfiguration of public areas in the basement and the façade. The design aimed to render the historic space visible

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