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Portable Home ÁPH80


28 Aug 2013

Architectural studio ÁBATON have developed a series of portable homes to be placed anywhere. The ÁPH80 series are moveable and simple homes for two people with three different spaces making up the 27 sq m volume. The home contains a living room and kitchen area, a bathroom and a double bedroom and can be manufactured in 4-6 weeks, transported by road and assembled in one day. The

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23 Aug 2013

Architectural designers MoreySmith have completed the newly-expanded headquarters for online fashion retailer ASOS at Greater London House. The extensive 100,000 sq ft refurbishment of a former cigarette factory has more than doubled the space ASOS currently occupies in the building and injected brand identity into the space. The original art deco building was reinstated to its 1930s grandeur in

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Davison Highley Showroom


22 Aug 2013

Davison Highley, the family owned British upholstered furniture manufacture has returned to its roots in London and opened the doors of its long awaited showroom in Brewhouse Yard in the heart of Clerkenwell.  The showroom, designed by neighbouring company BDP, has had the 5,000 sq ft space transformed into a contemporary and beautifully lit backdrop for Davison Highley's hand-built

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Fogo Island Inn

Saunders Architecture

22 Aug 2013

The Fogo Island Inn is located on the Back Western Shore, Newfoundland, Canada; a public building and hotel for Fogo Island with 29 rooms for guests. The project has been a collaborative effort lasting over 7 years, with construction completed in June 2013, which began with the relationship between the Fogo Island-based charitable organization Shorefast Foundation and architect Todd Saunders. The

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20 Aug 2013

White Forest in Yokohama, Japan, is a new exhibition of contemporary spatial art by MoNo architectural office. The theme was to decorate the interior space of Ehrisman House – an old Western style house authorized by the city government as historical architecture – transforming the inside with a Japanese garden method of the “Harmony of Flower and Table” festival. The

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