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Villa No. 174

Srdjan Prodanovic

17 Mar 2014

From fashion entrepreneur Srdjan Prodanovic comes the bohemian design of this non-conformist, boutique hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Newly opened on top of Santa Teresa hill, the hotel's aesthetic is largely unclassifiable, embodying just as much cultural vibrancy as the neighbourhood in which it sits, and offering panoramic views of Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. Prodanovic's challenge was to

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A Private Investment Firm & Family Office

Rottet Studio LLC

14 Mar 2014

A Private Investment Firm & Family Office is a Los Angeles-based firm with global business and investment interests. The company name is a portmanteau of the two principal owners, using the first portions of each of their names. Located in a prestigious building in Beverly Hills, the offices are designed to reflect both the character of the Owners as well as provide a quiet, efficient

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Fish & Game

Michael Davis Architects + Interiors

14 Mar 2014

As an advocate of re-adaptive architecture, Michael Davis has spent much of his career pioneering the adaptive reuse of architectural details, salvage, and industrial design into distinctive homes and commercial environments. His latest project - the Hudson, New York restaurant Fish & Game - brings his unique flare for restorative architecture to the wider public. A former 19th century

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CarLoft Kreuzberg


11 Mar 2014

DITTEL | ARCHITEKTEN designed an exclusive showroom at Carloft in Berlin Kreuzberg. Visitors will find an exciting interior including a bar with lounge for guests and a show area with an adjoining patio. A special advantage of the Carloft is the possibility of safely parking one´s young timer or classic car on one's own floor - and displaying the vehicle on suitable occasions. With the

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Kita Hisa


10 Mar 2014

Kita Hisa, formerly a retail store, was rebuilt to create a pleasant, safe and stimulating kindergarten with enough space for 70 children. Baukind´s lovingly and carefully thought-out philosophy focuses on intelligent design that inspires children to grow and develop. The furniture in the Kita is arranged and designed in a way that it creates different zones without using actual dividers

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