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The House Cast in Liquid Stone


11 Sep 2013

SPASM DESIGN Architects have designed The House Cast in Liquid Stone in the western highlands of Khopoli, in Maharashtra, India. The second home is located on a rocky outcrop, with a site of 19,950 sq m, and has been designed by the architects to protect the house from the extreme weather conditions of the region. The location suffers from heavy rain in the monsoon seasons, as well as high heat

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Hou de Sousa

10 Sep 2013

Happy Panda is a new 200 sq m restaurant located within the Paseo San Francisco shopping centre in Cumbaya, Quito, Ecuador designed by Hou de Sousa. The ceiling consists of CNC cut plywood and heavyweight interfacing (a fabric used to stiffen dresses and suits). The form of the ceiling and the spaces it creates was inspired by Chinese temples. But the condition of viewing a temple from its

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Unilever Brand Hub Europe

Fokkema & Partners Architecten.

09 Sep 2013

'MAKE IT COME TO LIFE' The Unilever brand hub in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, was refurbished by Fokkema & Partners Architecten. The interior showcases the various brand identities of the international consumer company, in a 14 000 sq m space characterized by innovative spaces such as test rooms, kitchens and mini labs. Workfloor The Netherlands based designers transformed the space in just

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Waanders In de Broeren

BK. Architecten

09 Sep 2013

This innovative shop concept, Waanders In de Broeren, by BK. Architecten is the refurbished the interiors of a 15th century church in Broerenkerk, Zwolle, The Netherlands. The shop interior is designed over three floors as an addition to the inside of the original church to create a new retail function for the heritage site. The bookshop opened its doors to the general public in July, adding 700

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2Day Languages


06 Sep 2013

Masquespacio present their latest project 2Day Languages school in central Valencia, Spain. The studio specialized in the interior design and branding to create an identity for the language facility. 2Day Languages is represented by a flag that is fused with a text bubble including the three fundamental characteristics of language learning: the levels, the goal and the

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