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The New York Apartment

Shalini Misra Ltd

19 Mar 2014

This beautiful 38th floor, 2,000 sq. ft apartment in Manhattan is situated within the prestigious Bloomberg Tower designed by César Pelli. The views of Central Park and New York City are simply breath-taking, so the client requirement was to maximise this striking feature whilst creating a unique, luxurious, contemporary and comfortable second home for her family and friends to enjoy.

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Hongcheng Office Building

Peter Ruge Architekten

18 Mar 2014

The Hongcheng skyscraper is located on the banks of the Qiantang River in the new administrative and business district of Hangzhou city and home to the offices of various companies. Commissioned by the building's owner, the brief called for a unified interior design throughout the common areas that included an upgrading of the main lobby, foyers, corridors and amenities. The three storey high

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The Barbarian Group

Clive Wilkinson Architects

18 Mar 2014

Clive Wilkinson Architects' client, The Barbarian Group, creates consumer experiences for the digital world, and has blazed a trail exploring how technology could invigorate and empower people in connectivity. With a highly constrained budget, they adapted an existing 20,000 sq ft office space for a flexible community of 125 -175 Barbarians, recycling perimeter rooms and services for acoustically

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Villa No. 174

Srdjan Prodanovic

17 Mar 2014

From fashion entrepreneur Srdjan Prodanovic comes the bohemian design of this non-conformist, boutique hotel in Rio de Janeiro. Newly opened on top of Santa Teresa hill, the hotel's aesthetic is largely unclassifiable, embodying just as much cultural vibrancy as the neighbourhood in which it sits, and offering panoramic views of Guanabara Bay and Sugarloaf Mountain. Prodanovic's challenge was to

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A Private Investment Firm & Family Office

Rottet Studio LLC

14 Mar 2014

A Private Investment Firm & Family Office is a Los Angeles-based firm with global business and investment interests. The company name is a portmanteau of the two principal owners, using the first portions of each of their names. Located in a prestigious building in Beverly Hills, the offices are designed to reflect both the character of the Owners as well as provide a quiet, efficient

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