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Denton Corker Marshall

25 Nov 2013

Hihou is located in Melbourne's central business district but the design concept provides patrons with a sense of being transported to Tokyo, Japan. The journey begins at the anonymous entrance, through a minimalistic corridor, before arriving into a Japanese inspired venue. The project brief was to refurbish and convert a two-hat restaurant, Verge, located opposite Treasury Gardens, into a

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Centennial Chromagraph

Variable Projects

21 Nov 2013

Centennial Chromagraph is a life-size representation of the history of the University of Minnesota School of Architecture. The project is an exercise in data spatialisation: using computational design tools to generate formal and spatial constructions with large quantities of data - in this case, information sampled from the school's 100-year history. The project is both a

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Sal Curioso Spanish Restaurant


20 Nov 2013

Stefano Tordiglione presents the design of Spanish restaurant Sal Curioso, Lan Kwai Fong's newest dining establishment. The Hong Kong based Italian interior design and architecture firm have produced an intriguing design based on the life and personality of the imaginary food inventor and traveller Sal Curioso. Following the chef's footsteps when creating the concept for the restaurant, Stefano

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Raanan Stern

20 Nov 2013

The division of simple and comfortable space, maximum natural light and a diverse colour palette are the foundations of Architect Raanan Stern's renovation of this family home. The original 140 sq m two-story house was built in the 1970's, with an elongated plan with two shared external walls allowed two directions of natural light; the design concept was to emphasise the structure of the

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Latitude Studio

19 Nov 2013

LATITUDE has been commissioned to explore the possibilities of combining the functions of a standard coffee shop settlement with the idea of public visual art. The space is organised with two floors. The first floor has been opened up by erasing the façade, thus becoming an extension of the public space. Inside, the visitor can find two areas: the come-and-go area (fast) and the relaxing

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