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Banyan Tree HuangShan Sales Gallery

HMD Architecture Design Co., Ltd.

28 Jun 2013

The internal spaces of the Gallery reflect the traditions and culture of this magnificent natural setting. A series of modestly scaled lobby and entrance spaces lead to the grand main rooms. The design of these spaces is emphasised by the elegance and restraint that is a character of the traditional Anhui architecture and the colouring and material visible in the surrounding landscape. The main

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New Zealand Guest of Honour Pavilion

Patterson Associates Limited

26 Jun 2013

Patterson Associates were engaged to design the ‘Guest of Honour Pavilion' for New Zealand at the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair as a key part of a year long promotion of New Zealand in Europe. They delivered this project in collaboration with production specialists Insideout Productions. They were asked to present a coherent, unified, high-impact design that presents our literature and creative

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Pitsou Kedem and Baranowitz Amit Studio

24 Jun 2013

After one and a half years of planning, research and construction, Taizu - Asia Terranean Kitchen has opened its doors with a unique culinary vision and design concept. Renowned Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem was recruited for the project and partnered with interior designers Sigal Baranowitz and Gali Amit to add a feminine element. The interior is rooted in two main themes - the five elements

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Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya

Arch Group

21 Jun 2013

The first Sleepbox Hotel creates a special niche in hospitality services between hostels and common hotels. Hostels are mostly cheap, which directly affects service quality. Traditional hotels have high level of comfort that it conditioned by high prices. Sleepbox Hotel Tverskaya is partly based on hostel principles to keep price low, but it offers considerably different quality of hotel

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Casa Corso


21 Jun 2013

Situated in the exclusive suburbs of Porto, this house, with its somewhat austere appearance , is transformed each weekend into a holiday home where the children and friends of the owners come to relax.This house came about with a simple photo taken in an instant at a street corner...while on holiday in Rome with the owners, the combination of brown brick and travertine marble in a building

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