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Restaurant Il Vino, Paris 7

Emma Donnersberg Interiors

24 Jan 2014

Architects Emma Donnersberg and Michel Amar have collaborated to create a beautiful new Parisian restaurant. The restaurant Il Vino, located in the 7th district of Paris, is the first one star restaurant of Enrico Bernardo, who is renowned for being one of the best wine stewards in the world. Donnersberg enjoys providing clientele with the sophistication of an earlier time whilst still

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Checkpoint Charlie

Creative Lab (c-lab)

22 Jan 2014

Berlin, the Cold war, West and East, socialism, capitalism, liberalism, the social movement, artistic eras, a historical and economical frame work, and a music booth which caused the melting of immigration restriction, this was a dense brief for a simple concept: ‘the dichotomy in the nature of a space'. It is one that makes for a somewhat schizophrenic architecture, but also allows

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Malamén Restaurant

Ricardo Casas Design

22 Jan 2014

Design Studio Ricardo Casas has collaborated with  graphic designer and illustrator Marco Colín on a very special restaurant in Mexico, named Malamén. Malamén is a fantasy character created by Colín, inspired by an antique cookbook found in a old basement. Using his discovery, the design team developed different kinds of stories trying to piece together

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Cisco-Meraki Offices

Studio O+A

21 Jan 2014

The panoramic view of San Francisco's waterfront from Cisco-Meraki's new offices in some ways sets the theme for Studio O+A's design. Viewed from almost any angle, the interiors create an impression of light, spaciousness, bright colour and long sightlines. Meraki, which was recently acquired by Cisco Systems, takes pride in the elegance of the wireless routers it designs. O+A sought to build the

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Centennial Tree House

Wallflower Architecture + Design

20 Jan 2014

Singapore based Wallflower Architecture + Design have completed a residential project based around a central courtyard with a large hundred year old tree featured in the middle, aptly named the Centennial Tree House. Their client wanted external blank walls, fixed screens and a courtyard to provide light and air. These requirements encapsulated for them the tangible facets of an ideal home, a

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