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12 Aug 2013

In the middle of Lucerne’s Old Town, OOS designed and realized the spatial concept for an unconventional dental practice. The specified aim of this dentist was to offer his patients an experience and make their stay in the Dental Club as varied and pleasant as possible. Combining calming white spaces with injections of vibrant colour, the Dental Club is an exclusive environment for visitors

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07 Aug 2013

The COS pop-up store, designed by Chmara.Rosinke, was based on the idea of objects being used as an interactive user experience. Researching hospitality spaces across Europe, the designers discussed the idea of self-responsibility within an urban space and the ways we respond and interact in a public space. The designers were asked by COS to design their pop-up store based on the success of the

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The Andy Warhol Temporary Museum

LIKE architects

01 Aug 2013

The Temporary Andy Warhol Museum was designed by LIKE Architects to host the exhibition 'Andy Warhol - Icons | Psaier Artworks and the Factory', between April and July 2013, in Colombo Shopping Mall, Lisbon, Portugal: showcasing a total of 32 original works by the legendary American artist. The space contradicts the notion of having a neutral white exhibition space, and relates the playful

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Summerhill House 01

Tim Wickens Architect

01 Aug 2013

This charming conversion of a one hundred and sixty square foot (15 sq m) attic space into a viable master suite is the studio’s smallest, yet one of its most pleasantly challenging, puzzles. The ensuite bathroom occupies a three foot strip of floor space under the sloping ceiling, cut out and dropped one step down into the second floor bedroom below. Defined as separate shower and powder

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Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos

30 Jul 2013

The restored and renewed Rijksmuseum, by Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos, opened earlier this year to boast collections of over 8,000 historical objects and art for two million anticipated visitors to the Amsterdam museum each year. The renovation, awarded to Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos in 2001, took the historic 19th century building and accentuated the interior detailing, with a modern approach to the

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