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08 Oct 2010

The LADG has designed a luxury retail space with custom lighting and flexible display fixtures in Frank Gehry's Edgemar Retail Complex in Santa Monica, California. RK Apothecary is a spatially efficient and visually engaging retail space. The product is taken off of the shelves and displayed on a series ‘outré fruit' tables so the customer can physically engage with it before

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08 Oct 2010

Spring/Summer 2010 PRADA Woman OMA's sumptuous design for the Spring/Summer 2010 PRADA Woman Catwalk sees the audience split along two sides of an abstract wall display, punctuated at regular intervals by seven doorways which allow spectators to peer from one side to the other. During the show, the models walk in front of this dividing wall and make their turn through the final doorway,

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Tony O' Connell

07 Oct 2010

The Greyhound, Kew Green Although situated in an affluent surrounding, The Greyhound in Kew, Surrey was in desperate need of modernisation in its common areas such as the main bar, the garden and parts of the restaurant / function room.The desire was to create a quality, comfortable environment for customers to frequent for an early morning coffee or an evening meal, whilst steering clear of

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06 Oct 2010

The Structures project is an expression of interior and exterior relationships. Storage elements of the products are integrated within the structure of the products, ensuring uncluttered surroundings and clean finishes throughout.

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04 Oct 2010

The rough plastering and warm tones used on the facade come to life with the interaction of light and intensity. The internal structure consists of a double height room with the stage arranged on the long side of the new sports hall which has a generous glass facade. The toilets, office and outer equipment room are based on the ground floor and are also accessible from the exterior. The

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