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Samuel Creations

18 May 2011

Samuel Creations finalizes concept design for Rosewood Resort in Bahrain, the first Rosewood Resort to open its doors on Reef Island. The aim was to create a “Global Ethnic” design, a serene retreat away from the surrounding concrete jungle. Not simply eclectic but ethnic, where every object is handpicked and uniquely positioned. Taking their cue from the existing architecture which

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13 May 2011

Bringing the world inside: a round-up of Milan Furniture Fair 2011 Thousands of furniture, product and lighting designers set up camp at this year's Milan Furniture Fair to showcase their latest offerings to the world. The 200,000 sq m Rho Fieracomplex was transformed for one week into a vast labyrinth of exhibition stands for this huge, international design event, while a plethora of

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Light + Design Associates

11 May 2011

Coworth Park Spa is an eco-luxury spa and forms an independent part of a Luxury hotel development this pioneering Architectural, Engineering and Lighting design meets the key aspirations of the client. The building's volume and footprint has been kept to a minimum and the spa intimately relates to its sensitive green belt setting, with low energy consumption along with low ongoing maintenance

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HBA light

11 May 2011

From the moment a guest walks into this boutique hotel, they experience a unique offering embodied by an enlivened and dynamic atmosphere, which encapsulates the local vibe of Shanghai. In the reception area, square ceiling coffers with RGB LED strip lights were used to create a dynamic and varied experience. Dependent upon the time of day and day of the week, a different colour is washed onto

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Studio James Long

10 May 2011

26 International Artists Presented at the 2009 InLight Richmond For the 2009 InLight Richmond exhibition James Long selected an alleyway behind, The John Marshall, a derelict hotel in downtown Richmond, Virginia for his temporary lighting installation entitled Profound Feelings of Disquiet. The concept takes visitors through an interactive experience of constantly changing conditions with

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