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Tony Owen Partners

17 Oct 2011

Giant Fractal Jelly Fish feature in the new public areas designed by Tony Owen for one of Sydney’s premier addresses. Tony Owen Partners have just completed the transformation of the Darling Island public areas. Darling Island Apartments, originally completed in 2004, is one of the most prestigious developments in Sydney in recent years. Located on a virtual island at the western side of

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Kevin Kennon Architects

13 Oct 2011

The ambition of the project was to enliven the existing public space at 100 William Street. The kiosk would not only ignite the dark atrium by its material and design but also by offering an inviting retail opportunity to passersby. The street level passageway sees heavy foot traffic, is a connection between two lower Manhattan streets, and affords entrance to the subway. The metal-clad

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Stickman Design

12 Oct 2011

The fun‐loving, vibrant local ‘pub' revolves around the flying brewery, a custom designed and built, two‐tier Australian craft brewery for brewing special in‐house flavoured beers. With the craft brewery providing a visual backdrop to the bar, the flow through the space passes semi‐private tables with self‐service beer taps. Huge vats make up a

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Ruscio Studio

12 Oct 2011

International Currency Exchange (I.C.E.) was at a crossroads when they wanted to expand their business into primary locations in Class A shopping malls across Canada. Unfortunately, this expansion occurred at a time when the general consensus amongst mall owners was that current kiosk designs looked too much like bunkers or aquariums. The main design challenges were to: create a new kiosk

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10 Oct 2011

Waitrose, one of the UK's leading food retail brands, reinforced its position as the destination for food lovers by becoming the first UK supermarket to own and operate a cookery school. While clearly part of the Waitrose brand, the school has been designed to present itself as a brand extension for added connectivity with customers. Curated retail, within a more familiar, domestic environment -

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