Causeway Lane Bachelor Studio Apartment
Friday 31 Aug 2012


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Our client’s brief was to create a studio residence and flexible work space in a 1930’s building in Melbourne’s CBD. The aesthetic of this project was the antithesis of the brief. The client desired a look of solidity, permanence and substance in a reconfigurable space that did not look flexible, lightweight or temporary. The space is established in context of its CBD laneway location. This was achieved by creating four full height 3.6 metre wide openings, offering a classic rooftop cityscape view and flooding the space with natural light. Light wells were transformed into terraces creating connection to laneway activity below. The interior conceives the structural space as a neutral shell upon which the manipulation of space is highlighted and accentuated by fixtures and fittings. The structural form is expressed as a ‘white’ skeleton, with a variety of brightly coloured accents. A series of robust yet finely detailed interior fixtures were created; fireplaces, display cases, bookshelves, pivoting walls, demountable blocks and even a secret bookcase door, dividing the space into a sequence of reconfigurable ‘rooms’ Fixtures such as the light fittings with small details of colour, reflect the surrounding palette and imbue the interior with a sense of their industrial origins. The textural qualities of the chosen materials, including recycled solid timber, copper, stone and leather, provide a sense of warmth and possess a permanence, solidity and integrity by improving with age. Detailing is honest, robust and tactile, the materiality of finishes being expressed in edges, junctions and fixings. Furniture was selected with a sense of fun, some pieces in acidic colours as a counterpoint to the subdued base palette. Materials, selected for their low environmental and emission impact, longevity and renewability, Include; recycled/FSC timber, non- chromed leather and wall blocks are constructed in material made of recycled PET bottles.