Unilever ‘Project Our Space'
Wednesday 29 Aug 2012


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Spanning an impressive 145,000 square feet, Unilever ‘Project Our Space' has been hailed as the first of its kind in terms of sustainable corporate interior design.

The core sectional area, known as the ‘Heart' of Unilever, connects the various regional offices together, and each occupies its own level and is distinct in its own way. Reinforcing the concept of a unified Unilever, the floors are connected by an extensive stairway, which is interspersed with pockets of breakout spaces.

Also in line with the corporate philosophy of environmental conservation, material used in this project are certified by the Singapore Green Label Scheme, while existing material from the old office were also reused for the new workplace. Waste management facilities, ranging from paper to food composting, ensure that resources are duly treated and recycled.

However, the most striking feature of this project is a communal indoor park where staff can take their breaks whilst experiencing nature right within the workspace. Unilever strongly believes in providing the best for its clients and workforce, thus remaining a strong advocate for environmental sustainability.

It has responded to changing business dynamics by creating a conducive and exciting working environment that is both bold as well as versatile.