Woods Bagot Design Studio, Beijing
Monday 13 Aug 2012


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In the heart of Beijing's vibrant design district, Woods Bagot's Beijing Studio is a modern and dynamic 'design house' that matches perfectly to the mood of trendy Sanlitun Village. "Designed by our in-house team of experts, using the most forward looking design principles, the Beijing Design Studio boasts world-class design typologies promoting what Woods Bagot calls Real Time Working i.e. creating a space that provides a mix of space types that match precisely to the work styles of our staff. Business and team performance is the key driver. We enable this using 'follow me' technology and full mobility", said Vince Pirrello, Asia Executive Chairman, Woods Bagot. With a brief to create a workplace that would act as one of the key hubs in the company's global studio, the environment boasts key workplace trends that are tailored to match the unique diversity of tasks required in a such multi-disciplinary design practice. "To enable our global studio model; the workspace integrates a high level of technology to allow occupants to work anywhere, anytime. It is a new work style that Woods Bagot has incorporated by giving flexibility and promotes Real Time Working," continued Vince. It is a fundamental change in the provision of space and breaks the one-person-one-desk model, but does not adopt the tired concept of hot desking. Instead, it provides for a range of bespoke, tailored settings dedicated to different work tasks, job functions and people profiles. It results in an articulated landscape of varied spaces and environments that represent a fundamental departure from the homogenous, repetitive office of today.

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