Thursday 05 Apr 2012


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Located in Seattle's urban core, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation campus is designed to be a global center for innovation, learning, and problem solving, inspired by the Foundation's local roots and global mission.

Curved building structures represent arms reaching out to the world and lower building forms, aligned with the city grid, reflect the Foundation's Seattle inception. Thelighting designrespects, enhances, and reveals the precepts of the architectural and landscape design while meeting stringent client criteria.

The "world reach" concept is articulated through light. Building facades are not illuminated; rather, the architectural forms are revealed from within by the soft glow of interior lighting.Shallow floor-plates enable significant energy conservation through daylight harvesting controls as well as timeclocks that turn off much of the interior lighting afterhours. The project achieved LEED Platinum.

Unique site elements required specialized lighting. The pool edge - outlined by wet location LEDs detailed into the slab edge - defines the form of the campus heart. Bridges over pools are softly illuminated by linear LEDs concealed under benches, leading people to building entrances while creating the illusion that the benches are floating.The glowing translucent glass wall - created by lighting a stone wall beyond - mimics theluminous20' tall back-painted glass core inside thereception building above, where columns are accented from ceiling and floor.

The four-story atrium lighting supports many purposes and accents architectural features like elevator cores with cold cathode coves and 80'-tall columns washed via soffit recessed metal halide uplights that also illuminate the adjacent ceiling. Art is highlighted on the back walls.

A continuous uplight recessed in a raised floor reveals the wall texture for conference center seating.Adjacent conference rooms utilize dimmable linear and round downlights;wallwashers illuminate writeable surfaces and art,while AV capability is supported through five pre-set scenes.

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