Sunday 29 May 2011


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MCM Designstudio enhances traditional Swiss craftsmanship through dramatic lighting.

Located in a Swiss alpine resort, this 600m2 chalet is designed as a fusion of exquisite Swiss craftsmanship and traditional materials with modern lighting and the latest trends in luxury lifestyle.

The client came to MCM Designstudio with the request for a warm, sensual interior using local materials and traditional alpine motifs while incorporating sustainability, lighting scenarios, sound system integration and wellness activities. He was looking for luxury with discretion, soft transitions from day to evening to night and the creation of atmospheres to fit the moment. MCM Designstudio felt that bringing out the textural quality of the natural materials chosen and the chalet’s traditional volumes with direct and indirect LED lighting was the essential guideline.

Materials such as 100-year-old recuperated wood beams, vapour-treated, brushed local pine, alpine granite and limestone as well as wool, fur and leather come to life and show off their sculptural qualities from every angle. Traditional cornices have been lowered to incorporate LED strips to highlight and heighten the wood ceilings. Similar strips are hidden under the steps allowing the otherwise heavy wood structure to seem to float, glowing against the walls. The indoor pool, lit from underwater by changing LED lighting, was combined with direct and indirect room lighting to provide various scenarios; the refractive qualities of the Swiss alpine Vals granite provide a dramatic effect when lit up in pink, green or blue light.

The chalet’s interior and exterior lighting system is integrated in a home automation system. The lighting design has created an almost tangible atmosphere in its communion with the natural materials of the chalet and enhances the charm of its volumes.

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