Friday 14 Jan 2011


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Chada design a relaxed, luxurious resort

The Saffire Suite was inspired by the purity of the environment and the base palette of stone and timber related to the landscape with colours, hues and textures which create as seamless a transition as possible between the inside and the outside. The colour palette is soft grey, taupe, green, blue with punches of varying shades of orange which pick up on the startling colours of lichen, granite rocks and driftwood on the beach. The guestroom rugs designs incorporate graphic representations of local fauna and the lampshades and cushions are wrapped in ‘panama' fabric like the classic straw hat. There is a Tasmanian emphasis on the artworks throughout.

The space planning was designed in such a way as to allow guests the freedom to flow from space to space with private zones created by seating groups and, at night, pools of light.

The view through the massive floor to ceiling windows was of paramount importance and the interiors and lighting had to compliment and not distract from that.

Select pieces of modern classic furniture create focal points to key public spaces and in the guest suites, the artwork takes the form of custom designed rugs. The pattern of which was developed directly from the local flora.