Thursday 13 Jan 2011


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New SkyCity Marriott Hotel built in the Mega Hong Kong International Airport Development

Upon entering the main lobby, apart from the panoramic sea-view that meets the eyes, the gentle sloping ‘pleats' in the ceiling which is split gracefully in the middle as if a pair of spread wing provides the intriguing silhouette for the vibrant lobby lounge down below. In the opening revealed in the centre, the ceiling design further surprises the eyes in a series of triangular illuminated forms. The design idea originates from the art of origami (paper-folding). Dramatic light changes in intensity and colour during the day from crisp warm white light in the morning to a theatrical symphony of jewel-tone colour lights at night completes the metamorphosis of an efficient, calm and casual-smart lobby to a chilled-out rendezvous of enticing glamour.

The other inventive ceiling feature is at the noodle bar outside the Chinese Restaurant. The shallow light-box design made with a special translucent membrane produces a visually up-lifting and floating effect. The creative touches come with the custom Chinese ink strokes in various shades printed on the material. The artistic ink washes and soft illumination bask the whole space in a poetic ambience.

Finally, the coffer ceiling design in the shape of a water droplet in the spa reception perfectly integrates with the feature walls displaying a series of concentric ripples represented by LED lights. The life-giving symbolism of water and eternal meditative circle heralds the arrival in the realm of distilled tranquility.