Wednesday 29 Dec 2010


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Microsoft office space looks to inspire and encourage.

This technology company wanted its new 39,860 square foot office to be a workspace that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit and attracts 'start-up' talent. As well as having an open workspace to foster collaboration and invention, the company also wanted to create an environmentally responsible project that would achieve LEED® Gold certification.

The dramatic focal point of the space is a unique commons area including a monumental stair that doubles as amphitheater seating as well as other hospitality-like functions. The removal of 3,400 square feet of floor slab created this two-story atrium and monumental stairway which serves as an inspirational gathering plaza for work, collaboration, and events. The creation of this indoor space with attributes of an outdoor plaza also maximized daylight, views and access to indoor greenery. 100% of the workspace is open - there are no private offices.

The use of unique building materials such as salvaged doors, recycled aluminum ceilings, salvaged concrete floors, and interior glazing components created a workplace that attracted young talent from nearby Universities. Sustainablity was a key component of the design. Energy consumption data is available on the employees’ desktops to monitor their energy use and allow for active participation in energy conservation. Interior plantings are incorporated to enhance employee creativity and well-being, as well as improve air quality. The project also features recycled and locally-salvaged building materials, energy saving lighting and controls, low-flow and sensor operated plumbing fixtures, regionally produced materials and products, and low VOC products for improved indoor air quality. The open workspace allows for maximum daylighting and shared views to the exterior. The project earned LEED Gold Certification in 2009.

TRO Jung Brannen

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