Thursday 05 Jan 2012


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The simINN Flight Simulation Center offers it´s users the full technical performance and visual experience of flying a Boeing 737 without leaving the ground.

The simulator is a full-size replica with all systems, gauges, knobs, switches, etc. including their full functionality. A 230 degree panorama scenery created by 3 synchronized projectors completes the full simulated world in a cockpit.

Inspired by the technical aspects and design elements of planes and airports, we wanted to reflect the world of aviation by connecting it to a media-architectonic experience. Our aim was to complete the built simulators visually up to the illusion of an entire plane on a runway.

The architectural concept defined the positions of the simulators with their adjacent walls in order to complete the remaining aircraft parts graphically. From the most significant views the built and painted aircraft parts line up to create a visual continuity between them. The huge wall graphics become salient and the built components seem to disintegrate.

From other perspectives the wall graphics become abstract and reveal their real expansion in space. They overlay the walls, floor and ceiling to reach the real dimensions of the original planes. The emerging distortions exaggerate the shapes of the airplanes and create varying figures in combination with the built components. Floor graphics, that are based on a runway marking system, take up the movements of the visitors and emphasize the angles of the design.

Banozic Architecture/Scenography

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