Wednesday 06 Apr 2011


Prodigy MSN were looking for a new environmentally friendly space for its corporate offices, with opportunities for increased collaboration among employees.

SPACE, a sustainable interiors studio, created the 890 m2 open office space taking full advantage of the direct sunlight received through the daytime by incorporating glass walls throughout the office, for natural light to flow openly, thus reducing the need for lamps. Therefore all the workspaces have access to daylight and views.

The space also includes a coffee bar and casual meeting rooms positioned strategically to allow communication among employees.

The project complies with the standards of energy efficiency that LEED Commercial Interiors recommends and saves more than 20 per cent in water use and 20 per cent of energy in lighting systems. There is a dedicated space to collect and store recyclable materials and more than 20 per cent of the materials used in the construction of the project have recycled content. Paintings, coatings, sealers and glues used also have a low content of VOC's which avoid interior air pollution.