Wednesday 09 Feb 2011


3 functions, 2 characters, 1 irregular office space

This challenging project is mitigated by creating spaces within space using two opposite joinery boxes. Facet studio were requested to design a space, which would be accommodating for the co-existence of businesses with very different natures - graphic designer studio, beauty consultation room, and graphic design school. Although, restrictions such as short construction timeframe and limited budget, are becoming standard challenges to be addressed , on top of these, the site given was not a straight forward, rectilinear shape, but rather an irregular, difficult geometry.

The client; a married couple who are also business partners, had interests regarding the space they were to work in, pointing to entirely opposite directions. Facet decided to give a go at designing the physical presence of “restrictions” and “opposite characters”.  They decided to form two regular spaces, boxed in by joinery units responding to the respective scales of the married couple’s businesses – “graphic design” and “beauty consultation”. They then “inserted” these two boxes into the irregular site. By doing so, Facet were able to structure the zoning into the two boxes, and a third space created between the regularity of the boxes and the irregularity of the site; the third space is designated for the graphic design school and general circulation. Furthermore, they identified the opposite characters of the married couple, with the contrasting tones of “black” and “white”. The third, in-between space is notionally the “grey”, which harmonises the contrast of the boxes, whilst maintaining their individualities. 

Facet Studio

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