Wednesday 29 Dec 2010


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New conference centre promotes innovation and collaboration.

The new 14,000 square foot conference centre for an international leader in the computer technology industry was designed to create a multi-functional collaboration space for use by employees as well as local technology companies. The open meeting space was designed to foster collaboration and invention within an environmentally responsible project.

The design challenges were many: the 20 year old building had complex column spacing and didn’t easily lend itself to an open plan. Achieving maximum daylighting was difficult given the combination of 90°/45° floor plate/core located at a 45° angle with low ceilings. The new space is a study of reflection, refraction and translucency achieved by the use of glass in various applications.

The project also features a combination of raw, urban aesthetic counter balanced by sophisticated refined elegance through the use of both patina, matte and gloss materials. The use of unique materials clearly identifies the space as an entertaining area and differentiates it from the office areas. Conference rooms are located on the interior of the space to allow access to the views of the Charles River by all users. The large conference room opens with rotating glass panels direct to the pre-function space, allowing large groups to flow back and forth without restriction. An open ceiling was used to create volume and make the space seem larger and interior landscaping and sustainable design elements are used to create a vibrant workspace.

Sustainability was a key theme in the design. Materials were chosen to reduce the environmental impact of construction. Interior plantings are incorporated to enhance employee creativity and well-being, as well as improve air quality. The project features recycled and locally-salvaged building materials, energy saving lighting and controls, low-flow and sensor operated plumbing fixtures, and low VOC products for improved indoor air quality. Internal conference rooms allow for maximum daylighting and shared views to the exterior.

TRO Jung Brannen

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